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Easily Host General Assembly Meetings

Translucentum introduces a revolutionary voting system that simplifies the hosting of general assembly meetings.


Our intuitive platform allows administrators to effortlessly organize and conduct meetings, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both organizers and attendees. With Translucentum, managing the democratic process of decision-making has never been this straightforward.


Let People Attend from Anywhere

Breaking down barriers, Translucentum enables participants to join meetings from the comfort of their own spaces or location, whether the meeting is a live event or online.

Our virtual participation feature ensures that every voice is heard, promoting inclusivity and engagement.

Whether residents are across town or across the globe, Translucentum brings your community together in a digital space, fostering collaboration without boundaries.


Cutting-Edge Security with Zero Knowledge Database

At Translucentum, security is always on our agenda. All data is encrypted and protected, and only you retain access.

Our voting system employs cutting-edge measures, including (optional) zero-knowledge database, to safeguard sensitive information about votes cast.

We've set a new standard in data security, ensuring your peace of mind when utilizing Translucentum's systems and voting.

Public, Discreet or Zero-Knowledge?

Zero knowledge is the key to ensuring maximum security and privacy. In simple terms, it means that Translucentum has zero access to your stored data on voting.


Your information remains encrypted, and only you hold the decryption keys. This unparalleled level of security ensures that your data is safeguarded against unauthorized access, providing you with confidence and control over your community's information.

But with a users explicit consent it will always be possible to confirm their own vote and how it was cast.

Should you prefer total transparency or the chair of the meeting has discreete insights, the choice is yours.


Easy and secure voting 

At Translucentum, our commitment extends to revolutionizing the voting process through innovative technology. Join us in creating inclusive and participatory decision-making for your community with our cutting-edge voting system. Experience the power of secure and accessible voting today!

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