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Effortless Excellence with Translucentum

Simplify, Streamline, Thrive: Your Process in progress


Redefining Proptech software.

Translucentum delivers SaaS solutions, steamlining collaboration and administrative tasks for our customers. 
Our Foreningspartner platform modernizes processes, streamlining interaction between owners, residents and professionals.

With high-end functionalities at competitive pricing, our platform currently offers facilitation of voting and meetings as well as tracking and communication for maintenance projects.

Foreningspartner is a fully capable standalone solution.
It is designed on API-first principles enabling integration to other software.


Experience the future of property management with Translucentum.



Secure Decisions: Translucentum's Zero Knowledge Voting

Experience the highest levels of security in discrete voting systems with Foreningspartner's state-of-the-art voting tech.
Our approach allows utilization of 'zero knowledge' voting, ensuring your data is encrypted and protected. Voting is - while fully verifiable - secret for all parties.
Let Translucentum, empower your community with a secure, transparent, and private voting experience that sets a new standard in data security.

Vote confidently, vote with Translucentum.


User-Driven Excellence: Your Ideas, Our Innovation

At Translucentum, we don't guess - we listen. We are commited to customer-driven innovation and continuous user-involvement.

The feedback from our customers is coupled with our extensive experience within the fields of Software Development, Administration and Financial Property Management.

All customers are invited to contribute with knowledge and experience that determine the  prioritization of our coming features.

Your insights shape our platform, ensuring it truly meets your needs.


Join us in creating a community-powered solution that evolves with you.


Unmatched platform

In the dynamic landscape of organizational management, Translucentum aims  to keep innovating and expanding our product. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions in an all-inclusive package.  As a coming market leader, our commitment is not only to meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Understanding Your Needs

We do not assume to know the user needs, ask for input, and then bill for expanded functionality, we engage in a continuous dialogue using your feedback to shape the features of Foreningspartner.  

It's not just about meeting expectations, but understanding the unique challenges facing users in your organization. Give your organization,  customers and residents solutions that enable you to  deliver market-leading customer experience.

Comprehensive Features for Effortless Management

Our platform, Foreningspartner, delivers the following range of features designed to simplify and enhance property and organizational management:

  • Zero Knowledge Voting System: Ensure the utmost security in decision-making with our cutting-edge voting system, backed by a zero knowledge database.

  • Prepared meetings, fixes on-the-fly: Setup your meetings and voting themes ahead of time, invite via our platform. In a live meeting publish new themes on the fly and our platform handles Power-of-Attorney transfer of power live.

  • Process Handling System: Streamline and oversee complex workflows in renovation projects with our intuitive system.

  • Centralized Communication Hub: Stay connected with our integrated message feature, facilitating transparent and real-time communication among apartment owners and administrators.

  • Document Everything: Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive documentation system, ensuring that every interaction, decision, and milestone is recorded and easily accessible.

Why Choose Translucentum?

  • Market-Driven Solutions: We don't just follow industry trends; we set them. By listening to our customers, we adapt and innovate to provide solutions that make a real impact in the property management sector.

  • Competitive Pricing: Quality doesn't have to come at a premium.  At Translucentum, we believe in offering cutting-edge solutions at competitive prices. With either property administrator, advisor or housing association as a subscriber, access is granted to relevant parties. Excellence should be accessible to all. 

  • EXCLUDE FOR NOW? Dedicated Support: Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn't end with the sale. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you (MAY WANT TO ADD SOMETHING CONCRETE ABOUT CONTACT POSSIBILITIES), ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience with Translucentum.

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