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Enabling Seamless Building Management

At Translucentum, we understand the intricacies of managing buildings and apartments, and we're here to make your experience smooth and efficient.


Our Building Management feature  is integrated into our SaaS platform, designed to simplify the complexities of property management, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most; your residents and your business.


Features include 

Facilitate Selling of Apartments

Selling apartments has never been easier. We are in the process of delivering a new sales experience providing a robust tool to showcase your available units, manage inquiries, and streamline the sales process.

With Translucentum, you can effectively market your properties, track leads, and facilitate a seamless transaction experience for both sellers and buyers.


Meetings and Decision tracking

At Translucentum, the importance of community engagement in decision-making is a top priority. Our Building Management feature includes a secure and convenient voting system for meetings.

Whether electing board members or deciding on community initiatives, our platform empowers residents to participate in the decision-making process with ease, registering all votes with optional zero-knowledge setup

Transform Your Renovation Process

Administrators can effortlessly coordinate tasks, receive competitive quotes from trusted contractors, and monitor progress -all within one centralized platform.


Bid farewell to unnecessary complexities of managing renovation projects. Easily upload project details, communicate with contractors, and track timelines in real-time. Enhance transparency and efficiency along every step of the renovation journey. Experience the ease of overseeing external contractors and ensuring that your renovation projects are executed smoothly with Translucentum's innovative management solutions.

Elevate the experience for everyone involved in the next maintenance  project!


Easy Management

At Translucentum, we are committed to revolutionizing building management through innovative technology and community engagement. Join us in creating thriving communities with our comprehensive SaaS platform.


Experience the power of seamless building management today!

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